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Are Double Hung Windows Right For Your Alpharetta Home?

double hung windows alpharetta home

Savvy homeowners know the value of doing research before making any major decisions about their home. This includes weighing the options you have for your replacement windows. An increasingly popular choice these days would be the double hung window. Replacing the previous traditional style of the single hung window with the double hung is quickly becoming the new standard. What is the difference and how is it different from single hung windows? Let's find out!

The Basics of Double Hung Windows for Your Alpharetta Home

You're probably already familiar with both styles of windows. The single-hung window is a system in which the top is fixed and the bottom sash moves up and down.

The double hung is different because both sashes can move. This includes being able to be tilted in order to clean the window easier.

  • Now that double hung windows are the most popular, there are plenty of styles to choose from. You get the best variety of styles, colors and materials by opting for these windows. Vinyl and wood tend to be the most popular but you can find even more just by working with a reputable window replacement company.
  • Although single hung windows are still less expensive, double hung are still more cost-effective than many other options out there. Even if you opt for top-of-the-line double hung windows, it will still be more affordable than other types of residential windows that are available on the market.
  • Being able to tilt in the windows to clean them is everything. This greatly reduces the time and money wasted on cleaning windows the traditional way.

No matter what, it's time to start getting serious about replacement windows. That means getting the information that you need from a reputable service provider - Arapad Windows Plus.

Make it a point to give us a call for all of your window company service needs. We take great pride in all that we do and that shows in the results we achieve for each and every customer.

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