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Replacement Windows for Historic Homes

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Owning a historic home in Alpharetta is a great investment. You have a beautiful place for you and your loved ones to call home, but you also have some potentially valuable local property. There is usually a rather lengthy laundry list of things to take care of when it comes to owning an older home. You want to be able to update and upgrade but without taking away from any of the historic charm. Replacement windows are the perfect example of a project that you have to take care of but don't want to risk disrupting the natural appeal. There are some tips to follow to help with your decision making process.

Replacement Windows for Historic Homes in Alpharetta

Before you schedule a time to meet with a window company, here are a few things that you should know, right off the bat.

  • If your residence is a registered historic home or even part of a historic district, there are usually guidelines you're required to follow. Sometimes, it's something as simple as keeping the required white window treatments. Other times, it's much more extensive, right down to the style and color of window or door you select.
  • Picking an unfavorable style of window could actually compromise the value of your home. Not only will the look not compliment your home's architectural style, but it will stick out like a sore thumb. Plus, you will end up investing money into a project that decreases the worth of the property, making this a bad investment decision.
  • Don't make the mistake of trying to fix old windows that are far past repairable. Some self-proclaimed restoration companies will try to get you to invest into fixing up old windows in order to avoid tampering with the authentic value. Yet, this can be an expensive lesson in learning when something is beyond repair. Newer windows also help make your household more energy-efficient. With older windows you are going to experience significant heat loss and that means higher bills and being environmentally irresponsible.

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